Through our partnership we are able bring more than just help to the people of Guatemala. Along with building projects, feeding programs, and medical aid, we are able to be the church and show people in a whole other country the love of Jesus.

Next Trip: July 20-29, 2023

Please email Jonathan Pearson, our Teaching Pastor at jonathan.pearson@springwell.org for more info.


Be the church. What is the church? Is it a building or a group of people? What does it mean to ‘be the church’? At Springwell, we believe that being the church is more than just a catchy phrase. We have a saying around here: “We only do two things: Growth Groups and Serving.” We believe that two of the most life transforming tools we have are the ways we connect with each other and the ways we share the love of Jesus. Whether it’s sharing His love with the community we live and work, the world around us, or just greeting someone with a smile on Sunday morning – the way we serve is a way to show how much we love Jesus. So, to carry our mission, we are involved in many local and worldwide mission efforts to spread the love of Jesus. We want to connect with others, and each other, in order to draw as many spiritually thirsty people to Jesus as we can.