What's a growth group? What do they do? Join a Growth Group! What are Growth Groups? It’s simple really… Growth Groups are circles of people that do life together. You see, you weren’t meant to do life all by yourself. You need other people. We were all created for community. A Group gives you people to talk with, share with, and encourage throughout the week. Join a Growth Group and connect to others, grow with them, and serve together.


What is a Growth Group?

Growth Groups are small groups—gatherings of 8 to 16 people—designed to create community to help people grow relationally and spiritually. Some groups discuss books. Some discuss the current Sunday morning teaching series in more depth. The intent is to do bible study and application together as a group, growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ, one another, and the church as a whole. Growth Groups are the primary vehicle for individual and group discipleship within Springwell Church.

Why should I join a Growth Group?

We believe that God is all about relationships. Since He places such a high value on our relationships with Him and with others, we believe that we should too. With culture moving fast and people living busy lives, we think the best way to build deep relationships is in small groups of people who meet throughout the week to study God’s Word, serve together, and care for one another. In a church as large as Springwell, this group becomes your “church within the church,” where you foster deep and personal relationships. It’s what being in community is all about.

When and where do Growth Groups meet?

Growth Groups meet once a week or once every other week in the homes of the group members. There is usually at least one Springwell Growth Group meeting every night of the week, so finding a group that fits into your schedule should be a breeze.

How often are Growth Groups available?

There are two Growth Group semesters per year when active groups are open and new groups are forming. The Spring semester runs from February through May, and the Fall semester runs from September through December. We take the summers off to spend time with family and recharge.

Can I stay in the same group?

You will be able to stay in the same group if you’d like. We do encourage you to experience other groups as well, but if your group meets your individual needs then as the new semester signups begin, you will be free to commit to that group again.

What if I am interested in another study?

If you are interested in a different study that another group is doing or will be offering, you will be able to join that group when the next semester begins. The semesters follow a 10 – 13 week cycle which provides members with easy entry and exit points for groups.

What do we do with our children?

The care of children is the responsibility of the group. Various options are open to each group that will need to be discussed between the group members. Some suggestions are:

– have a rotation within the group so that one adult cares for the children as you meet

– hire a trusted sitter to provide care while the group meets, and share the expense among the group members


Ready to take your next step? We’re glad! Growth Groups are one of the best ways to connect, grow and serve at Springwell Church! Please email Johanna Parent, our Connections Director at for more info.