Why Parents Need Funny Parenting Memes

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by Carol Cuppy

Maria dropped down on the sofa cushion and heaved a sigh. She had just gotten both of her young kids down for a nap. Now was the perfect time for her to catch up on some household tasks. However, before she tackled the stack of dirty dishes in the sink or paid the bills that had just arrived in the mail, she needed five minutes to hit the reset button. Her day had been hectic, and the kids were more wound up than usual. She pulled her phone from her pocket and spotted a message from her best friend. In the text was a funny parenting meme. Maria laughed out loud as the meme reminded her of a funny moment she had shared with the kids last week. The laughter was all she needed to get her second wind and tackle the afternoon’s tasks.

There is an adage that says, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There are times that parents stress, have doubts, and worry. The daily routine can be exhausting. If we let them, these things can wear on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Parents need moments of laughter to revive weary spirits and put things back into perspective. One of the places that parents can get laughter is through parenting memes.

Why Parents Need Funny Parenting Memes

When life gets bumpy, or something takes an unexpected turn during the day, I have a friend who likes to remind me of this truth: “You can either laugh about it, or you can cry about it.” Most people prefer the option that doesn’t involve crying (including myself), so it is a good reminder to find the humor in every situation. Here are reasons why parents need humor — in this case, funny parenting memes — in their lives.

1. Memes Remind Parents They Are Not Alone

How many times have you looked at a parenting meme and thought, “This is our life!” Maybe the meme reflects some aspects of your child’s behavior or personality. Parenting memes make parents realize that they have things in common with other families and that they share similar parenting experiences. Memes help parents to recognize that they are not alone in their parenting journey.

2. Memes Can Provide Encouragement

Parents need all of the encouragement they can get. They need to know that they will get through the challenging days, the rough patches, the uncertainties, and the worries. They need to know that they are doing an excellent job with their kids. Sending a parenting meme to a friend can be a great way to send some encouragement their way, share a laugh, and brighten their day.

3. Laughter Has Benefits

Laughter is a fantastic stress reliever, but it’s not only for temporarily improving one’s mood. It can have long term effects that are positive for a parent’s health. For example, it can improve one’s mindset and mood long term, improve one’s immune system, and help cope with difficult situations. Laughter can improve your sense of humor and help you see the world through a more positive lens. Parenting memes are a great way to laugh throughout the day.

4. A New Way to Communicate

In the 1997 movie Flubber, a robot named Weebo showed her emotions by playing clips and scenes from movies on her built-in screen. My brother and I thought that was a creative way to communicate. We wished we could pull up scenes from our favorite movies to explain our thoughts, references, and feelings more clearly. Fast forward almost twenty-five years, and we have GIFs on our phones and computers that accomplish that very thing. These animated memes are a new way to communicate that is increasingly popular, especially among younger generations. These animated memes can bring laughter and clarity to situations in conversations.

5. Communicating With Younger Generations

Memes can be about anything and everything, and younger generations share the most memes. Understanding memes and knowing how to communicate with them can be a fantastic way for parents to bridge the communication and generation gap between them and their children. Parents can learn about the current culture and trends that their kids are facing and talk to their kids about them. Funny memes also can help parents and kids share moments of laughter, encourage each other, and relate to each other. Memes can open doors to more in-depth conversations with our kids.

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