We are so excited about the opportunities in front of us! If you have more questions about the Next Campaign, stop by our Infomation Desk on Sunday or email David Pearson at

Why are we raising funds?

We’re raising funds to do two things:

1. We have to get out of debt so we can continue to serve and be incredibly generous people – both here in our community and in Guatemala, where we want to build more houses to meet the needs of families without a decent home.

2. Our family ministry is growing! But in order to serve more families, our facilities must be updated and repaired and we simply must build more space.

Do we really need a new facility for families?

Yes! The current building used for family ministry (2 years old – 12th grade) and Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights was the very first building on our current property, formerly an amusement park game room. It’s over 20 years old. It’s time for it to be renovated.

Our current main building houses our nursery for (Birth – 2 years old) and needs expanding to provide room for our growing preschool ministry. Our goal is to move all preschoolers into the main building and reserve our current Family Ministry Building space for elementary school children through high schoolers.

When will we start building and renovating

Because we want to renovate and build debt-free, we will begin the process as soon as funds are received.

Why does children and family ministry matter to me? I don't have kids

43% of Americans trust Jesus to be their Savior before 13 years of age. Two out of three Christians accepted Christ as Savior before their 18th birthday. Less than one out of four people accept Christ after age 21.

If we are going to make a significant impact on our community and our world, it will be primarily through family ministry.

Our current environments do not allow for the comfort of our children, students, and Celebrate Recovery. Our children, students, and families deserve the very best.

Hurts, habits, and hangups affect all families and we need a new space for that ministry. Celebrate Recovery is not just a ministry for folks who attend Springwell but also folks in our community. We must improve their environments.

Outdated areas and cramped spaces must be replaced with updated space. We also plan to create a walkway between buildings to create a better experience for everyone.

How long do I commit to give?

We are asking you to commit to give over the next three years (through 2022). However, you can give as God provides.

How can I give?

You can give online at, you can text any amount and the word “Next” to 1-855-887-3555, on the kiosk in our Main Lobby or in our “Next Campaign” envelopes located at the entrances to our Main Auditorium.