50 Things to be Grateful for Right Now

Springwell   -  

by Parent Cue

Comparison is like a moving airport sidewalk you wander onto… it whisks you 50 yards away to a bad place before you’ve even taken a step. And it always seems to be right there—just one tiny thought or scroll away—ready to dump you into a state of discontentment. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And if that’s true, comparison equally steals contentment, too. 

Contentment, simply speaking, is choosing to be happy with what you’ve got. It’s learning to live in a state of gratitude even for the small things. Because more often than not, it’s the small things that fill our days with meaning.

Spending just a few seconds each day thinking about the things you’re grateful for can radically shift your mindset. If you’re having trouble finding something to be grateful for, we have a list for you (and a free, printable family challenge at the end of this list!) All 50 things may not apply to your current circumstances, but there’s probably more to be grateful for than you might think.

Your Home

1. For the roof over your head and a warm, dry place to sleep at night

2. The clothes on your back and shoes on your feet

3. The water in your home to take showers and bathe your kids

4. All of the food in the refrigerator and pantry

5. Electricity! And for living in the time where it exists

6. Cell phones and how they connect us to our loved ones all over the world

7. Having internet access in your home

8. How fun it is to decorate your home for the seasons

9. Candles! All the cozy candles

10. A safe, sanitary environment to prepare meals for your family

Your Family

11. Your kid(s)! Is there a bigger, better thing to be thankful for?

12. Restored relationships in your family

13. The adorably-perfect way toddler mispronounce words

14. Long, healing hugs from your teenager

15. Heart-to-hearts with your middle schooler

16. All the joy that new babies bring

17. Every night that you were able to rock your child to sleep

18. Watching your child’s personality develop

19. The moments when you notice your kid make a brave and kind choice

20. Your favorite kid books, and the time you have to read together

Your Best Self

21. Your God-given talents (yes, you have lots!)

22. The fact that you are the best parent for your child

23. The ability to move your body

24. Good hair days

25. Coffee (or tea!)

26. Your favorite foods

27. Your body’s 100% success rate of getting you through every single day

28. The way you feel when your favorite song comes on the radio

29. Your ability to love your child(ren) more than you ever thought possible

30. The unique ways you make others feel good about themselves

Your Community

31. Your childhood friends

32. The friends you’ve made as an adult

33. The laughing-so-hard-you-cry moments with others

34. Facebook groups that make you feel less alone

35. Friendly neighbors

36. The teachers who care for your child(ren) well

37. Trusted babysitters!

38. Therapists

39. Nurses and Doctors who were there on the hardest days

40. The way communities can come together after a tragedy

Your Simple Joys

41. The way the leaves change in the fall

42. How pretty Christmas lights are

43. The first warm day of spring

44. Watching your favorite team win a game

45. Cozy, rainy days

46. How your house smells when you’re cooking something good

47. Watching your kid(s) laugh

48. The feeling of freshly-washed sheets on your bed

49. A clean kitchen

50. Fresh flowers in a vase

In this month of giving thanks, it’s a great time to acknowledge the people and the experiences we sometimes take for granted. We have a free resource to help! In our Gratitude Challenge, we gathered a page full of prompts to help you and your family practice being grateful. Download it here!